Free Commissions Scam. Is this worth your time or investment? or is it just all hype & b.s.

Well, this post I’m going to give you the run down on this new product called “Free Commissions.” Basically, Free Commissions comes with a free commissions software that’s suppose to do all the work magically for you without doing any work at all.

First, if you look at it and see who’s at the top (Guru’s) of free commissions it’s Tim Alexander, Tim Atkinson, Zak Meftah. They have done many other product launches in the past. The whole video pushes hype with no real product upfront. All pushing no work, 10 minutes & boom! You get paid. Really think about it. . . doesn’t that throw red flags all over the place? Promising you millions & tens of thousands daily, but at the very bottom of the disclaimer it says, Actors involved. lol. That just makes me laugh. However, I know so many people get fooled by tactics like these.

I’m really sick of all the junk & crap that’s all over the internet. That’s probably why you’re researching it now, right?

Hi, I’m John Wells. Ive been in internet marketing for the past year & a half. Before this I had no experience on the internet, I just had to find the real way to do it. What I found out was that in order to make guru money, you need to keep it all. Not part of it, or 40% or whatever, you need to keep it all. 100% no more no less.

That’s what most guru’s won’t tell you. They rather have you push some products that sell you some pipe dream on “Free Commissions” and while their bank accounts load up with commissions, you’re stuck with a useless product full of upsells & no real marketing. Your wallet is empty & you’re cut left to rot in the sun.

You need to learn proper marketing strategies that will get you traffic on autopilot, that capture leads for you, that does all the selling for you & you keep all the money. I believe if you want to make money online, you need to have products that will stand the test of time & the demand is high.

I rather be doing this, then some silly product that has a payment processor out in china “That’s where free commissions payments processor is.” It makes me laugh but sickens me at the same time. Seriously, you are here for one reason and you’re looking to make money online.

You want a legitimate way than there’s nothing better than something ranked in the top 200 sites in the world & getting 100% commissions =)

Watch my video on the right & just check out the video & see why so many choose to do this over anything else. . .

The good, the bad & the ugly! Showing you about this Free commissions software that’s supposedly make you money without doing anything. Basically come in, do squat & get paid. From watching the video, it all sounds nice, exciting, but we all know it’s full of baloney. All these so called guru’s say that you can make so much money online doing nothing, when in fact all the money goes straight into their bank accounts. Not saying it’s good or bad, but preying on the weak for the hopes of free commissions sounds silly to me.

If I were to give a whole free commissions review on the product. It’s basically operated by Tim Alexander, Tim Atkinson, Zak Meftah. There is no mention of the product at all on the video or site. All the income claims are coming from the last launch they did & they are using those same strategies to make more money with this. If you just look at the disclaimer, it says actors may be involved. lol

You need to understand that in order to make lots of money online, you need to do it with a system that actually has real products, training, & marketing methods. Not some pipe dream on some free commissions software that’s magically going to make you money. Just being straight up with you.

I’ve tried many things in life and yea, you can make money with click bank products, but why promote something that says free commissions when everyone and their mom is promoting on clickbank. The only person that you’re feeding is those so called guru’s which is on that video and you’re left to dry, rot, and left stranded.

Hi, I’m John Wells. I’ve been doing internet marketing for the last year & a half. At one point in my life, I was actually homeless and broke. I had no experience online, but I knew there was money to be made. I’ve tried a few things, however I never really took it serious. I guess I just needed the proper training to do it right. What the guru’s don’t tell you, is that you need to get traffic. Whether it’s from advertising, blogging, or some type of marketing, you always need traffic.

Not just that, but instead of thinking “Free Commissions” start thinking 100% commissions.

The reason why guru’s make so much money is not because they are smart. It’s because they keep all the money. While the little minions go out and push the products for them. So they promise you millions, while you sit and struggle while they make all the money & keep it all.

That’s why Empower Network came about. They wanted to give the average person the money that guru’s made but without having to be one. Just really think about it. Free commissions puts way to many red flags in the sky. Free commissions sounds so unreal and it’s exactly why you’re searching it right?

Without any real experience I have made over 130k using “Real” Marketing methods that work. You’ll learn traffic strategies that don’t last for hours, but months to years worth of traffic. this business runs on autopilot and make sales whether you like it or not.

Just listen to my video on the right. Click on the link & take a look at what I have. You owe it to yourself to see something that’s real & thousands of success stories.

You have to watch this Empower Network Testimonial Video about me

The Empower Network is the “Only” solution online when it comes to making money. The fact that we make 100% commissions and keeping all the money, is by far the best part of it all.

We have been out almost exactly a year now. Some people even laughed at me, saying that it’s a scam, it’s a waste of time, It’s not going to work, or just wanted to say something rude. None of that made sense to me, I knew that this would work.

Look at our Ranking. These stats show from the very beginning. Look at the graph, it’s increasing =) Wait till momentum comes & this explodes. Every person that’s in The Empower Network will be making at least 10 Times what they make now. This is going to be a fun & crazy ride!

See, the reason why most fail or the cliche (95%) Fail, is because of the training, support and guidance of a team. With people that actually know how to get results online. Just look at my latest screen shot breaking my first 100k online.

It comes down to your decision. . .

Are you going to keep pushing this aside?

Get involved with people who are willing to help you get there.

Watch this video & really take a close look

or you can cut to the chase & Join The Empower Network Here.


See you at the top,

John Wells

Paid Online Surveys Are Great


It seems that we all need to make a little bit of extra money every now and then, and there are some great ways out there for us to do this. One incredible way for people to make some extra money is by taking surveys online. These surveys are simply taken from your computer, and you are paid for every single survey that you take. All of you have to do is give your opinion on every single question, and you will be paid for it. Paid online surveys are a great way to make extra money for yourself, and at the same time you are helping out by taking the survey.

The reason that there are paid online surveys is because the information that you give in the surveys is incredibly valid and can do a lot of good. Companies need all of the feedback that they can get on their products and services, and you are the one that gives them this feedback by taking a paid online survey. Each paid survey is full of valuable information that will allow the companies to improve their products. The surveys will ask you several different types of questions, and you will answer them all as honestly as you can.

Paid online surveys may also be taken for other reasons, such as for a researcher who is trying to gather information about certain human behaviors. In this situation your answers once again will really benefit the researcher and yourself at the same time because the researcher is gathering the data that he needs, and you are getting paid for the time it took you to take the survey. There are several reasons why paid online surveys are so great, and one reason is because they can be taken from anywhere on your computer as long as you have internet access. The fact that you can basically take the survey from almost anywhere makes it so easy, and is a huge incentive for a lot of people.

Any other job would make it so you had to actually go to a certain location to get paid, but this isn’t how paid online surveys are at all. You will also save gas if you have internet access at your home because you won’t have to drive anywhere to make your money. All of these things are great, but there are still more great things about taking paid online surveys! Paid online surveys are great for the stay at home mom who has no other job. Paid online surveys work well if a mom has to stay home with her kids, but needs to make a little extra money. She can take her paid online surveys at any time of day, and this means that she can “work” whatever hours she needs to. She can take the paid online surveys early in the morning, during a time when her children are taking a nap, and also at night after they have gone to bed. This really gives her the freedom that she needs to raise her kids while at the same time allowing her to make some extra money.

Paid online surveys truly are beneficial to both the person giving the survey, and the individual who is taking the survey. It is great to know that there is such flexible work out there that is so beneficial to everyone involved! Money is something that we will always need, and so is information. Paid online surveys provide money to people who are in need of it, and also creates a way for information to be gathered honestly and quickly.

Tips On Attending Woodworking Shows


Woodworking shows provide excellent opportunities for fellow enthusiasts to get together and discuss their newest project and tools of choice. What better place to debate the optimal drum sander rolls, the best way to sharpen router bits or how to maintain your tools in perfect condition than during such events?

At the same time, a professional woodworking show also includes seminaries on various procedures, guest stars and classes taught by experts in the field. There are tons of things to do and learn by attending the shows and most of the time you do not even have to pay, because lumber and tool manufacturers sponsor the event.

You can find out more information regarding the date and location of woodworking shows in your area from specialty websites and by signing up to newsletters. If several other of your friend also count woodworking as a hobby, then you can ask them to tag along with you, in order to minimize the cost of transportation by carpooling. The less you spend on gas, the more money you will have for purchasing one of the pieces displayed at the expo. However, it is advisable to establish the maximum budget that you can invest in these purchases beforehand.

Because the show is hosted by experienced woodworkers, you should not hesitate to ask them questions during the “meet and greet” sessions and listen to their advice and cautionary tales. Their experience will surely prove quite helpful and will enable you to avoid potential mishaps. At the same, handouts are quite common during these shows and you should secure a means of transporting them back home. Many tool manufacturers use the occasion to advertise their newest line of products, so why not take advantage of the opportunity?

Lastly, don’t forget to book accommodations early, because woodworking shows are known to attract a crowd!

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